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Worldpay Sales Team is Now Stronger!


Some great feedback from the Commercial Directors at WorldPay whose teams attended the Salestrong Insight Selling™ Sales Training Course over the last two weeks.

Alison Baker,  (Regional Director) anticipates that the sales skills course has given them the capability to access to more customers, to uncover more opportunities and to increase the value of the opportunities that they sign. Alison said that her team found it valuable learning how to coach the customer through the purchasing process, to deliver their solution in a more structured way, as well as dealing with the customer at a more professional level.

Luke Fisher (Regional Director) said that there was great energy on the sales course and it was nice  for his team to see things from a customer perspective. Luke and his team particularly liked the skills they learned on ‘Return on Investment’ helping their customer to see the full impact of their proposals.

Watch the full feedback here.

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