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COVID-19 UPDATE One of our key strengths in the sales training and coaching industry is our ability to flex and adapt our delivery style to fit with our individual clients’ needs. In light of the current challenges related to COVID-19, which has resulted in many sales people being required to work from home and suspend all customer visits, we would like to reassure clients that we can and will continue to deliver sales coaching and training interventions in a virtual format, ensuring your sales people are poised and ready to help your business recover as quickly as possible when the economy begins to pick up again. During this period we will also be producing a number of free resources to keep your sales team as robust and productive as possible. To sign up to receive these, head to our SalesInsights page and fill out the ‘Sign up to our mailing list’ form.

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Focus on single-skill development or a 360-degree view of your sales performance.

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Learn negotiation, pitching and insight selling techniques or build your own sales academy.

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Dynamic sales leadership coaching and simulation role-play that delivers sales team performance.

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A unique, strategic approach to sales growth that delivers measured, profitable results.

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Fully immersive, engaging classroom training, where learners are focused and free from distraction

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£2million in Year 1 for Worldpay. 22% increased margin for Avnet. We call it "moving the needle". It's at the heart of what we do.

  • £80million increased card turnover within the first month and a substantial increase in new business referrals within year one of academy.

  • We contributed to a 15% increase in closure rates alongside a 22% increase in margin.

  • £2million delivered in new and retained sales in year one. 25% increase in pipeline. 6% increase in conversion.

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