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October 2 2018

Salestrong Bitesize, London

Salestrong Bitesize is a fast-paced day of short and powerful development sessions to enable you to improve your sales skills, consisting of four 90 minute group sessions on; Emotional Intelligence, Value Selling, Psychology of Influence and Negotiation Skills.

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Focus on single-skill development or a 360-degree view of your sales performance.

Sales Training

Learn negotiation, pitching and insight selling techniques or build your own sales academy.

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Sales Coaching

Dynamic sales leadership coaching and simulation role-play that delivers sales team performance.

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Sales Consultancy

A unique, strategic approach to sales growth that delivers measured, profitable results.

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Changing the game for great companies.

Some major players in the Finance, Tech, Pharma and Agricultural markets choose us because we’re different and deliver instant results.

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Client Case Studies

£2million in Year 1 for Worldpay. 22% increased margin for Avnet. We call it "moving the needle". It's at the heart of what we do.

  • £80million increased card turnover within the first month and a substantial increase in new business referrals within year one of academy.

  • We contributed to a 15% increase in closure rates alongside a 22% increase in margin.

  • £2million delivered in new and retained sales in year one. 25% increase in pipeline. 6% increase in conversion.

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    🎉Excitement in the Salestrong office this #MondayMorning (and not just because of #bodyguardfinale) but because the brand new Events page on our website goes live this week - we'll be releasing tickets for our Bitesize #salestraining in Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle tomorrow!


    In our latest #SalesInsights blog post, @Salestrong_SB discusses the topic of setting sales goals within your business to drive sales growth 🥅

    #MondayBlog #business #sales #B2B

    "Sales success comes after you stretch yourself past your limits on a daily basis" - @OmarPeriu7

    #ThursdayThoughts #business #sales #lifequotes #hustle

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