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Meet people who want to do something different.

Changing the game for great companies

Some major players in the Finance, Tech, Pharma and Software markets choose us because we’re different and deliver instant results.

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Client Case Studies

£2million in Year 1 for Worldpay, 22% increased margin for Avnet. We call it "moving the needle". It's at the heart of what we do.

  • £80million increased card turnover within the first month and a substantial increase in new business referrals within year one of academy.

  • We contributed to a 15% increase in closure rates alongside a 22% increase in margin.

  • £2million delivered in new and retained sales in year one. 25% increase in pipeline. 6% increase in conversion.

    Our Latest Tweets

    #SalesSkills that show you are living in the past:

    1. Sells features & benefits
    2. Self-interest before customer interest
    3. Standard pitch and patter
    4. Reduces price to win the deal
    5. Win lose mindset
    6. Single point of contact
    7. Closes hard
    8. Blames losses on price

    Five books that underpin all advanced #SalesTechniques that we use today 👇These #books are classics! If you’ve not read them, take a look on ebay. You can pick up a second-hand copy there for pennies and it will be one of the best #ROI you’ll ever make 1/2


    The importance of celebrating success in #sales 🎉

    By celebrating success, recognising performance, and making all of the data and updates clear, transparent, and in real-time, you can build a powerhouse of revenue.

    #CelebrateSuccess #WorkplaceEnvironment #PerformanceReview

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