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Unlock Your Sales Growth with Bitesize Sales Coaching

Salestrong Bitesize is a fast paced day of short and powerful development sessions to enable you to improve your sales skills. Watch the video below then join us in Leeds, Manchester or Newcastle follow the links at the bottom of the page.
    During four 90 minute group sessions led by inspirational sales coaches from the Salestrong team you will learn pragmatic and effective tools and techniques that will supercharge your sales performance.
    1. Emotional Intelligence
    Great salespeople are able to master their own emotions before, during and after the sale. They are experts at recognising what emotions the buyer is displaying, what’s happening in the moment and responding appropriately and effectively to the challenges they are facing. They choose their behaviours instead of the situation choosing the emotions for them. In other words, Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is the holy grail that salespeople need to develop if they are to succeed in today’s buyer/seller environment. In this session you will understand your own preferred social style, how to understand the buyers social style and how to use this knowledge to collaborate more effectively with buyers for mutual gain.
    1.  Selling Value
    Customers buy your products or service because they anticipate enjoying a value that they would not have in the absence of your product or service. People don’t buy products, they buy the results the product will give them. Many sales people know this and yet the majority still end up discounting their products or feeling beaten up on price. We have created a method for creating and quantifying value with the customer, to the extent that sales people who use it are delivering significant increases in their own revenue and margin and positively impacting customers at the same time. In this session you will learn the different types of value, a process for working with the customer to quantify the value you can bring for them and the tools to communicate this value successfully.
    1. Negotiation Skills
    Negotiation Skills are needed for both winning and retaining business. In any negotiation, the party that is better prepared will typically enjoy significantly better outcomes. Negotiation starts earlier in the customer’s purchasing process than most sales professionals realise and by the time they do understand that, it is often too late to negotiate on value and all they are left with is price. The result is often reduced revenue and margins and a lack of appreciation by either party of the real value of the solution. In this session, you will learn how to use the BARTER framework to strengthen a negotiation position by communicating the differentiated value you can bring and understand different negotiation profiles and how to collaborate effectively with the customer for better outcomes.
    1. Psychology of Influence
    In our opinion, the key role of the salesperson is to positively influence a customer to make a favourable decision and typically buyers are focused on both the rational and emotional part of their decision. Many sales people will state that “people buy from people (they like)” and yet do not explore the psychology that underpins our ability to build rapport and increase the chances of influencing for a favourable decision. In this session you will learn 7 ethical and costless secrets from the science of influence and how to apply them in your own sales situations.  These 7 secrets will support you in all aspects of the sales process from initial introduction through to the final pitch and negotiation.  

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