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Salestrong Bitesize Training

Salestrong Bitesize Training

In today’s #SalesInsights blog post, I would like to talk you through our upcoming Salestrong Bitesize training events and explain the value we will be offering delegates throughout the sessions. Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to present this programme of fast-paced development sessions to many large corporate businesses and SMEs, and strongly believe the four areas we focus on will teach you the key innovative techniques guaranteed to improve your sales performance.

Emotional Intelligence

Great sales people are experts at recognising specific social styles and preferences in others. In sales, these preferences drive how your customer likes to receive and process information and how they make decisions. Being able to recognise these preferences is therefore critical in accelerating your chances of building relationships and closing deals.

In this session you will find out your own preferred social style, learn how to recognise the social style’s of your customers and learn how to use this knowledge to collaborate more effectively with them for mutual gain.

Selling Value

Customers buy your products or service because they anticipate enjoying a value that they would not have in its absence. People don’t buy products/services, they buy the results the product/service will give them. Selling on value, rather than price, creates better outcomes for both sellers and buyers. Many sales people know this and yet the majority still resort to discounting, or end up feeling “beaten up” on price.

So, imagine being confident enough in your value proposition that you can significantly reduce, or even avoid completely, discounting. In this session, we will share with you our revolutionary process for creating and quantifying value; helping you identify additional sources of value you’ve never even considered before and enabling you to confidently place a monetary figure on that value, thereby significantly increasing your own revenue and margin and positively impacting customers at the same time.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills are needed for both winning and retaining business. In any negotiation, the party that is better prepared will typically enjoy significantly better outcomes, but there are two significant mistakes commonly made by salespeople when it comes to negotiation. The first is the belief that negotiation starts at the end of the customer’s buying process and the second is that there’s a sort of inevitability to the negotiation process (in their belief that, ultimately, they’ll just have to end up sacrificing margin). This self-fulfilling mindset directly impacts the sales person’s likelihood of tackling negotiation earlier on in the customer’s buying process, at the point where real value can be created, communicated and recognised. The result is reduced revenue and margins for the salesperson and a lack of appreciation by the customer of the real value of the solution.

In this session, you will learn how to strengthen your negotiation position by communicating the differentiated value you bring. You will also learn the different tactics for price and value-based negotiation, allowing you to collaborate more effectively with the customer for better outcomes.

Psychology of Influence

The key role of a sales person is to positively influence a customer to make a favourable decision and, whilst the majority of sales people recognise that “people buy from people (they like)”, they have not explored the psychology that underpins buying decisions or why customer’s prefer buying from some people over others and, therefore, how they can position themselves as somebody their customer would prefer to buy from.

In this session, you will learn the seven invaluable and ethical secrets from the science of persuasion and how to apply them in your own sales situations. Although these seven secrets cost the sales person nothing to employ, the majority fail to utilise them. This session will put you a step ahead of your competitors; supporting you in all aspects of the sales process, from initial introduction through to the final pitch and negotiation.

Join us at our latest Salestrong Bitesize events

Each Salestrong Bitesize event will be split into four 90 minute group sessions covering these areas in depth to enable you to learn the pragmatic and effective tools and techniques that will supercharge your sales performance and growth. Guaranteed.

Places are filling up fast, so hurry! Book your place here.

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