Improving Your Understanding Of Your Sales Prospects With Insights


Improving Your Understanding Of Your Sales Prospects With Insights

Improving Your Understanding Of Your Sales Prospects With Insights

In today’s Sales Insight blog post I felt it would be a good idea to spend some time looking at the power of using “Insights” to get in front of more prospects and drive increased sales.

Using Insights To Cut Through The Noise

The first part of this is to consider just how noisy the environment is for our prospects and our customers. They are being increasingly targeted by organisations and people just like us, so how can we successfully cut through that noise to increase our chance of getting in front of people with our products and services ?

One of the things that I’ve found really useful is to create insights for our customers, and I know that the really important moments in selling occur when your customer or your prospect sees something that they haven’t seen before.

The 3 Types Of Insight

There are three types of insight that we can look at.

  1. Credibility Insight – The first type, is what I would call a Credibility Insight, and that is things that the customer knows and they would expect you to know.
  2. Advisor Insight – We move up the scale a little bit and we start looking at Advisor Insight, where the customer is aware that they don’t know these things but they would expect you to know.
  3. Challenger Insight – The strongest form of insight is the Challenger Insight, and this is where the customer is completely unaware of  something and the impact it will have on their business. If you can share insights that help the customer understand these things and how they can positively gain from them, you can really start to get their attention and interest.

Creating Your Insight Lists

I recommend that you start by doing some research on your prospect’s business and creating a list of all insights you can gain on that business and how you could help the business with your product or services.

Now you have your list of insights, spend some time separating them according to whether they are a Credibility, Advisor or Challenger insights.

I use a four-step process to focus on the most powerful Challenger insights.

What are your sustainable unique strengths ? – The first of those steps is to understand what your sustainable, unique strengths are.

Which strength is currently under appreciated by the customer ? – The second part is of those unique strengths, which ones are currently under appreciated by your customer?

What area of the customers business do they not understand that this strength could help ? – The third, what is it that the customer fails to fully understand about their business that leads them to under appreciate your unique sustainable capability.

How would you need to coach the customer to appreciate the strength and how it could help them ? – Then the final part is, what would you have to coach that customer about their business that would lead them to understand and appreciate your unique sustainably capability?

When you go through those four steps, you’ll find that you’ve got some insights that become really interesting for customers.

Using The “GETIN” Process To Make More Appointments

Now you have still got to make the contact, you’ve still got to get through the door.

At Salestrong we have created something called the GETIN process – an acronym for Greeting, Explain, The Hot Spots, Insight and Now!

Greeting – With the greeting of course you would introduce yourself. Explain is very succinctly helping the prospect or customer understand the purpose of the call. The Hot Spots are the challenges that they face, the things that they might not understand about their own business. The Insights are those Challenger insights we spoke about. And finally, the Now piece is creating a sense of urgency as to the value of meeting with you right now.

Salestrong Tip For Sales Managers – A simple exercise if you’re a sales manager to improve your people’s skill getting in front of more prospects is to get your sales team to write their own GETIN scripts and then role-play with one person being the seller and the other person being the prospect. Provide them with some observational feedback and you’ll see that your ability to get in front of prospects increases.

If you’d like to chat a little bit more about this or any sales topic, then please feel free to contact me on Thank you.