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Mike Kelly

Sales Coach

Mike is an exceptional sales development specialist who has spent the last ten years designing and delivering a range of programmes across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Mexico. With over 20 years of senior management experience, including 15 years of dealing at up to board level with blue-chip FMCG key accounts, Mike possesses extensive knowledge and experience of setting sales strategy and operational design to ensure maximum sales efficiency and effectiveness. Mike has worked with Ford, Dechra, Colgate Virbac and Protexin.

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Typically regarded as a skill you either have or you don’t, EVERYONE can improve their ability to communicate effectively and effortlessly.


Sales people who are good at listening know the difference between listening and active listening... http://bit.ly/ListenTips

Why do some sales people seem just to be better at sealing the deal than others? Well it’s not because they’re great at closing, as such, but because they’ve done all the hard work upfront.


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