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Classroom Sales Training

Salestrong’s traditional classroom training upskills learners using an engaging blend of group activities, role-play and instructor-led sessions. The pace and format of classroom training ensures learners remain focused and excited, whether that be for half a day or a full week programme. Our trainers bring their energy, enthusiasm and experience into the training room; providing realtime feedback, answering learner questions and tailoring the sessions to ensure individual learner needs are met. Free of distractions, learners are able to fully immerse themselves in the training, honing their skills for immediate application.

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Virtual Sales Training

Salestrong’s virtual training breaks learning down into bitesize chunks that are delivered in sessions ranging between 90 minutes and 3 hours. These focused sessions heighten engagement and significantly improve learning outcomes. As with our classroom training, these virtual training sessions are delivered using a combination of learning techniques, including break-out group sessions, live Q&A and interactive polls. Virtual training offers the added benefit of being recordable, for playback at a later point.  Virtual training is further enhanced with the assignment of additional resources and activities between sessions.

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Experiential Sales Training

Salestrong’s experiential programmes are centred around the fact that people learn best when they learn through experience. Our experiences are always out of the ordinary, whether it be on top of a mountain in the Peak District, in the classroom taking part in a fictional role-play scenario, or at the annual sales conference, in competition with your colleagues to see who will achieve the highest score and emerge as the greatest sales person! Placing learners in unfamiliar situations forces them away from usual practices to develop new skills for overcoming challenges. And when those experiences are fun, greater value is attached to the skills learnt, making them more easily recalled and applied in real-world situations.

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