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Insight Key Account Management™

Key Account Management

The ability of a company to manage and grow their key accounts is critical to their long term success. With this in mind, Salestrong take a long term, strategic and team based approach to Key Account Management.

Key Account Management is unlike most other types of commercial training. It must be created around your business, your people and most importantly your customers or clients. No off the shelf training can do that for you in any serious manner.  Salestrong have a number of Key Account management tools, as well as a selection of commercial training modules that combine with your processes and your go-to-market strategy to form a bespoke course for your Key Account Managers. For the training to be effective  we need to be clear on what your key accounts are, how you are identifying them and how you want to grow them. Then we need to be clear on the systems and processes that you intend for your key Account Managers to use. Combined with the tools and modules that you have selected, this will form the basis of your own Key Account Manager Programme.

What is Key Account Management?

Insight Key Account Management™ aligns your systems and processes with Salestrong tools and techniques to maximise growth opportunities in your key accounts

Participants will learn:

  • How Key Account Management differs from sales and account management
  • Deep analysis of the customer to determine their challenge and their market for opportunities now and in the long term. Understanding how the customer grows their business in the markets that they serve.
  • Internal analysis of people, processes, products and services to maximise the value that you can create
  • Objectively evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your own value proposition to ensure the customer focus and maximising the chances of success
  • Relationship Management – targeting, contact strategies, influencing and decision mapping
  • Achieving key supplier status through effective use of customer stakeholders and the customer purchasing organisation
  • Measuring the value that you can add to their business and their customers
  • Key Account planning for the short medium and long term
  • Point planning with the customer to develop mutually beneficial strategic plans
  • Managing risks to accelerate the decision making process
  • Managing cross functional teams to achieve clear and agreed goals
  • Measurement and management of the return on investment
  • Communicating Key Account Management to get buy in internally and externally

What Are The Benefits??

  • Focus – Key Account Management is a resource intensive activity and so Key Account Managers must be focused on the what provides the best return for their time
  • Relationships –  Knowing who build relationships with and galvanising your whole organisation to build and maintain stronger relationships
  • Cost benefits – Potentially achieved for both you and your customers
  • Strategic View – A long term and strategic approach to account development
  • Company Wide Approach – A team based approach where lessons from the programme can be applied across your whole customer base

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