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Neil Lewis

“Thanks for a great course. I really think we can all take a lot from how we work, how we can change, and if we can all stretch ourselves that “extra” bit, what a difference we can make in what we do in our sales and for the Company as well. Clearly a lot of work and effort has gone in to designing, implementing and, of course,delivering the programme. A big thanks to all involved.”

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How are the new year’s resolutions coming along? Statistically only 8% of us will complete our resolutions 😲

What can we do to ensure we are successful?

1. #SMART goals
2. Don’t set too many goals
3. Sharing your goals
4. Setbacks WILL happen
5. Reinforce the why

Is #SalesCoaching necessary? YES
✔ Improves sales performance
✔ Improves employee engagement
✔ Increases customer loyalty
✔ Allows you to address issues before they snowball
✔ Allows you to have a good understanding of what your sales people are doing, without micro-managing

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