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Louise Pearson

“I attended my first Salestrong event and it was great, it consolidated what a knew and also taught me other routes and methods I was unaware of around social selling. The course was delivered really well by Steve and the content was spot on. I was encouraged to write a few ‘I will’ sentences of things that I will actively do/try when I got back to my desk and I am pleased to say I have already started them! Thank you Steve & all the team for the day.”

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How are the new year’s resolutions coming along? Statistically only 8% of us will complete our resolutions 😲

What can we do to ensure we are successful?

1. #SMART goals
2. Don’t set too many goals
3. Sharing your goals
4. Setbacks WILL happen
5. Reinforce the why

Is #SalesCoaching necessary? YES
✔ Improves sales performance
✔ Improves employee engagement
✔ Increases customer loyalty
✔ Allows you to address issues before they snowball
✔ Allows you to have a good understanding of what your sales people are doing, without micro-managing

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