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Katie O’Boyle

“I found the Salestrong team were fun, informative and interactive. The course content was delivered in a way which applied specific models to my role and has helped me to think of ways to put new techniques learned into daily practice. This in turn will help me to manage my time more efficiently and effectively by helping me get the most from each meeting. In my new role it is vital to network and maximise on all new opportunities gained from new and existing business relationships. The course has helped me to be prepared and ready to implement new techniques learned into my role.”

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1. Coach effectively
2. Share dashboard results; focusing on both inputs and outputs
3. Build a team that collaborates
4. Refocus your time on activities that support your sales team’s success
5. Encourage a continuous learning culture

What #SalesTraining services do we offer? We offer a core group of services that can be delivered individually or as part of a wider, modular approach.

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Starting a #SalesConversation when you lack the confidence or experience to do so, is a topic that came up on a call with a new client recently.

We’d like your thoughts on how you personally start conversations? And most importantly how do you keep them going? Let us know 👇

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