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Dale Townsend

“It is obvious from conducting customer meetings prior and post training that the team is much more capable and have adopted the methodologies they were trained in. This is the fundamental difference with most other training that I have seen, this course introduced a real change in thought process rather than ‘back to the same old ways’ after a couple of days of training.”

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How are the new year’s resolutions coming along? Statistically only 8% of us will complete our resolutions 😲

What can we do to ensure we are successful?

1. #SMART goals
2. Don’t set too many goals
3. Sharing your goals
4. Setbacks WILL happen
5. Reinforce the why

Is #SalesCoaching necessary? YES
✔ Improves sales performance
✔ Improves employee engagement
✔ Increases customer loyalty
✔ Allows you to address issues before they snowball
✔ Allows you to have a good understanding of what your sales people are doing, without micro-managing

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