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Value-Based Conversations – Virtual Training Workshop

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The coronavirus pandemic is dealing a severe blow to the global economy. Its adverse effects could reverberate long after the worst of the health crisis has passed. Buyer behaviour will change, we can expect to see increased price sensitivity, greater risk aversion, a reduction in customer loyalty and an increase in investment scrutiny. This means the role of the salesperson has become a lot more difficult and arguably more important in the buying process.

Learning outcomes:

  • Move sales conversations away from fixating on product and price to focusing on the differential value you can provide for their business.
  • Use value calculation tools and techniques to demonstrate the return on investment that your solution provides to enable the customer to make better value based decisions rather than price-based decisions.
  • Collaborate effectively throughout the sales conversation to support the customer in making a decision and avoid the long drawn out maybe’s that can fill our sales pipeline with hope but lack momentum or certainty.


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We offer a discounted rate for those registering for all 4 workshops.  To book all 4 workshops and secure the discounted rate, please click here.


This is an open workshop, if you’d prefer us to run this workshop for your team alone, please contact us on 01778 382733 or at

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the virtual training workshop?

The training itself is 90 minutes.  We have scheduled 2 hours to allow for introductions, a short break and Q&A at the end.

Which platform do you use to deliver the training?

We use zoom to deliver our virtual workshops.

What happens after I've registered?

Once you've registered, you'll get a confirmation email from us confirming your booking.  We'll also send you a calendar invite for the session.  A week ahead of the session we'll send you Joining Instructions for the session, which will include your dial in details.

Is there a discount if I book all 4 virtual sales training workshops?

Yes. Each workshop is £250 per person, but if you want to book all 4 we are offering a reduced rate of £850 per person.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please do not book the workshops individually, instead please click here to book the complete 4 workshop series.

Can you deliver this workshop in-house?

Yes, all of our virtual training workshops can be delivered internally for your sales people.  To talk to us about this, please give us a call on 01778 382733 or drop us a line at

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