Lee Davies | Salestrong

Lee Davies

Marketing Manager

Lee is new to the Salestrong team having had a successful career working across a number of industry sectors focusing on digital marketing, brand development and product marketing. Having spent time working for one of the top 50 brands in the world on distributor marketing, digital strategy and brand development, Lee has also worked with market leading software providers and online retailers, creating and delivering marketing plans aimed at organic growth.

A key element of these roles was working very closely with business development and sales teams, so Lee is very familiar with the challenges that organisations face to create, communicate and capture value. A passionate marketer, Lee is a keen learner himself having completed a diploma in marketing and attends many of our programmes to understand how Salestrong can offer the best very training, coaching and consultancy services to its clients and their teams.

Lee’s top live-by quotes

“Impossible is Nothing.”

“It’s only an island if you look at it from the water.”